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Significant increase in homeowners liable for Inheritance Tax – are you prepared?

Almost a quarter of homes sold for more than the Inheritance Tax (IHT) threshold last year, making their owners’ heirs liable to a 40% IHT bill. The number of sold properties valued above the £325,000 threshold increased to 24%, up from 13% in 2009. Research by Saga Investment Services showed that despite overall property sales […]

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Safeguard Inheritance

82% of the British public failing to make suitable inheritance plans

An article that was recently published on the Financial Times Advisor website reports that the British public are not taking adequate steps to secure and protect their legacy. According to data gathered by Zurich and YouGov, only 18% of the 2,000 adults questioned said leaving an inheritance was an important factor when planning for their […]

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Update your Will

Is your Will up-to-date?

Official figures suggest that the number of disputes around the distribution of estates rose by a massive 700% between 2007 and 2012. This startling increase has been attributed to a number of key factors including the increase in house prices and significant changes in family dynamics over the last decade. It is suggested that this […]

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The Care Act 2014

Little has been reported about the arrival of the Care Act in 2014, but it heralds the first major change in social care for a generation. Hopefully the new Act brings to an end the disjointed way care has been delivered in recent years. The Act aims to ensure that individuals are able to remain in control […]

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Your Digital estate

We recommend completion and maintenance of a Personal Assets Log, including digital assets together with user names and passwords so your executors will be able to access those assets. The challenge is to keep the information up-to-date, hidden, safe and yet accessible when the time comes. It is not advisable to include details of your […]

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National Will Register

All Wills now added to National Will Register

We have recently arranged with the Institute of Professional Will Writers an agreement to register all Wills put in place using Sue Jenden Associates Ltd on the National Will Register. This service is free of charge to our clients. Having your Will registered on the National Will Register makes it easier for your executors or […]

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Digital Legacies

As technology has evolved so has the way we store information. Simple things such as photographs are now often stored online. By making our wishes clear it will be easier for loved ones to recover pictures to cherish and will help with other more practical issues such as online bank accounts. It is advisable to […]

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Changes to the Law of Intestacy

The Inheritance and Trustees’ Powers Bill comes into force on 1st October 2014 and contains two new measures for improving the riules on how an estate is distributed if someone dies without making a Will. Under the new Bill when someone dies without children the entire estate will pass to the surviving spouse instead of […]

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Inheritance Tax and Gifts – Tips from the experts

Every year you can gift away assets or cash up to the value of your annual gift exemption allowance of £3,000. You can carry forward unused allowances from the previous year so this would allow a couple to gift £12,000 if they had not made any gifts the previous year. If your income exceeds your […]

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Lasting Powers of Attorney

A Property and Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) allows you to plan ahead by choosing someone you trust to manage your finances and property if you are ever unable to do so yourself. The document can be helpful even if you do not lack capacity. For example, it may be useful for you to […]

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