Have you secured your family’s future?

We can draft your Will from scratch or review and update your existing Will. It is important to remember that a Will does not automatically come to an end on divorce but will end upon marriage (unless made expressly in contemplation of marriage).

Do I really need a Will?

The simple answer is “Yes”. Every adult should make a Will and review it regularly, particularly if their circumstances change, such as they get married, have children or get divorced.

Reasons for making a Will:

  1. You can decide what happens to your property on your death
  2. You can appoint people of your choice to administer your estate (Executors)
  3. You can choose who would look after your children/dependents if you die when they are minors (Guardians)
  4. You can ensure your partner receives an inheritance
  5. You can reduce the amount of inheritance tax payable

Dying without leaving a Will (intestate) – Who gets what?

If you die without leaving a valid Will then the law decides who gets what. It does not matter what you may have wished for or promised while you were alive. If there is no valid Will then the Intestacy Rules determine who inherits your estate.

Many people assume that their assets and estate will automatically go to their partner or spouse. However, that is not necessarily the case, as, depending on your assets and whether or not you have children, your parents/siblings may inherit a share. Indeed, if you are not married to your partner, there is no guarantee that he or she would receive any of your estate.

If you have children, it is important to ensure that your wishes for them would be carried out after you are gone, and a Will can give those left behind such guidance. You should particularly be thinking about making a Will if you have recently come into money, started living with someone or had a child.

Despite all this, some two-thirds of us don’t have a Will. Why not?

  • Its too morbid – Most of us tend not to think about dying, but it happens to us all!
  • I’m too young – If you are old enough to vote then you should be responsible enough to make a Will.
  • Its too time consuming (or the “I can’t be bothered” argument) – You’d be amazed how quick and easy it is. True it will need some thought from you, but the actual process of drawing up the Will is really very straightforward these days, particularly with the aid of computers.
  • I’m too busy – it must be the ultimate irresponsibility to our family not to have made the time to secure their futures
  • Its too expensive – its not and it’s a fact that a Will could save your family thousands of pounds when done correctly.

Making a Will should not be something that fills us with dread or that we put off – it is simply a piece of paper that sets out your wishes and should bring you peace of mind.

How do I make a Will?

Contact us for an information pack you will find a Will questionnaire for you to look at – this will explain the kind of information we require from you to draft your Will.

When you are ready we will arrange a time convenient to you for us to visit you at home or anywhere else that you feel comfortable to discuss your Will.

In the meeting we will discuss any queries you may have and give you any advice that you require. We also provide details of the fees which are fixed from the outset.